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Do you have a horse that is calm and relaxed?  A horse that comes happily to you in the field, helps to put on his own bridle, stands quietly for mounting and loads easily into a trailer?  In other words, do you have a horse that is mannerly, a pleasure to handle and a dream to ride?  If you don’t, then clicker training can be the solution for you and your horse……So, what is it?

Clicker training uses a sound (the ‘click’ in clicker training) as a signal to the horse that he has done the correct behaviour. In other words, it says to the horse “Yes! That is what I want, here comes a reward!” The clicker, therefore, works well to “bridge” the gap between the desired behaviour and the reward. (Whistles and other markers work too)  The reward is anything the horse is prepared to work for, that is payment for the job done. It can be scratches or rubs but most frequently food rewards are used.

If you’ve ever played the children’s game where you were directed to a place or object by a friend saying you were warm or cold, then you have an idea of the basics of clicker training. This is the simple explanation.  To learn more click here


“Click That Horse” workshops take place all around Europe and occasionally in New Zealand and the USA.  Find one near you and join us!

You can also learn about clicker training via The Click That Teaches online course.


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