Alexandra Kurland at Ashen EC, Suffolk

The course begins with a gathering on Monday evening June 17th for introductions.  This is an important part of the workshop.  It helps to set the agenda.  The questions that people bring with them help to structure the material we cover.  

The course then runs from Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th June.  These are full days.  We pack in discussions, horse sessions, and skill building sessions in which everyone participates.  These workshops are very different from the kind of clinic in which you sign up for a lesson at a particular hour, work your horse in that time slot and then you are basically done.  Instead these workshops are a clicker training course that is designed around the individual needs of all attendees.  There is an overall structure to the courses, but the content is determined very much by the questions people bring with them and the training needs of the horses that are part of the course.

The courses are designed to compliment the books, DVDs and on-line course.  They are used to focus on that part of the work that is hardest to communicate via text and video. The more familiar you are with Alex’s work, the more you will get from the course.  

The number of horse slots is limited so there is time for everything: discussions, training sessions, skill building,  and always more time for questions and a deep dive into the science and concepts of clicker training.

Course fee: 

£495 for people who attend with a horse.  £290 for people who attend without a horse.
Deposit of £100 payable to book your place.

WIth Horse place: 

Without Horse place:

(You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay, just a credit or debit card.)  Your deposit payment confirms your place.    The balance for the course fee is due on or before 31st May 2019

People who attend without a horse are not auditors who sit in the background.  They are full participants in the course.  The training sessions with the horses are always accompanied by discussions and skill building analysis.  Only one person is actually handling the horse, but everyone is learning the skills that make that the training session more effective.

To organise accommodation for yourself or your horse, please contact Becky directly: 

To enquire / book please email : or tel : 07900 436110

£20  (£15  to Becky’s Strider Club Members) per day per horse for a stable (including bedding and a paddock, weather permitting.)

If you want to stay at the facility it is £20 (£15 to Becky’s Strider Club Members) per night to stay in the Bunk House/Clubroom.

£10 per night “hook-up” for caravans/horseboxes (free to Strider Club Members and free parking to anyone not requiring “hook up”.

If you have any questions or queries, then please direct them to me, Mary.  (Please note that I am away up to 9th February and will be travelling in pretty rural and isolated locations.  This means that I will only be getting to internet occasionally, so apologies in advance if I do not respond to queries quickly)
You can email me at    or message me on +353 87 1370162.  I don’t promise an immediate answer but will definitely get back to you within 48 hours 🙂