We give lessons to individuals or small groups.  Lessons can be just one hour but an hour and a half is recommended.

  • For individual lessons in the Verwood/Ringwood, UK area: £40 for an hour;   £55 for an hour and a half
  • Please contact us for prices for other areas

We also provide online coaching for those who live too far away to visit.


Clicker Training workshops are given in the form of a mini-course, in which everyone attending the course is an active participant.

Start-up workshops:

Andrea and Celine practice sliding down a lead rope.

the goal for those attending is to learn:

  • the basic principles of positive reinforcement and clicker training
  • how to create a willing attitude and great relationship with your horse
  • how to develop beautiful balance
  • how to resolve your horse’s training issues
  • horse-friendly rope handling skills

This is achieved by demonstrations, role-play, hands-on training, discussions and question and answer sessions.  The aim is to train you to train your horse!  There are places for with-horse and without horse participants and all are actively involved.

What these workshops are not:  They are not a series of lessons one after another.  Nor are they a “hand your horse to the clinician to have her solve a problem” session.

3-day workshops are ideal, but for start-up workshops, we can do 2 days.

Ongoing/Advanced Workshops:

For those participants who have learned the basics, either through attending a previous course or via online course or DVDs.  Horses should also be familiar with clicker training, or knowledgeable participants may want to bring a young/green horse.

Boldness Training:

To help your horse become braver in potentially scary situations.  This can be individual, small group lessons or workshop day.  Training days are held at Oakfield Farm, Verwood, BH31 6JJ,  from time to time.

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