Other Clicker Training Products/Books

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Don't Shoot the Dog


Karen Pryor’s book that started the whole clicker training revolution!  It is essential reading for anyone starting clicker training any species.

Now available in different formats…book or CD.



Reaching the Animal Mind


A superb book by Karen written after many years experience with clicker training multiple species.   For an insight into the content of this great book check out the accompanying website.

This is a book that  shows us an entirely new way to see, hear, understand and communicate with animals



Teaching With Reinforcement


Kay Laurence is an amazing dog trainer based in the UK.  She has written a number of training books.

Kay is extraordinarily creative and uses many forms of reinforcement in her work.


Clicker Dances with Dogs

Clicker Intermediate Training: Level 3 Clicker Trainers Course

There is now a wide variety of excellent clicker training books for all species and training requirements:


Click for Joy
Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog
Agility Right From the Start
Clicker Training for Your Horse
Getting Started: Clicker Training for Birds
Getting Started: Clicking with your Rabbit