The Click that Teaches DVDs


Lesson 1: Getting Started with the Clicker 

Price €36.00              

Comes complete with Clicker to get you started!  This is a three hour DVD which teaches you how to introduce your horse to the clicker and describes how to achieve good foundation behaviours to have a mannerly horse.

Lesson 2: Ground Mannerslesson2DVdsmallcopy

Price: €28.00

Does your horse barge over the top of you? Fidget and dance when you groom him? Spook at his own shadow? Lesson 2: Ground Manners” shows you how to solve these and other common ground problems. In the process you’ll be laying the foundation for upper-level performance work.

Lesson3covertinycopyLesson 3:  Head Lowering

Price: €28.00

Head lowering can be such a transforming exercise for many horses. Most of us know that horses tend to be calmer when their heads are down. This lesson does more than just calm a horse down. It helps to put an end to barging, rearing, bullying behaviour. It develops emotional control and stabilizes the good behavior we want. It is a key foundation lesson for all advanced training.

Lesson4covertinyLesson 4: Stimulus Control:  Putting Behavior on Cue

Price: €28.00

Lesson 4: Stimulus Control will show you how to teach cues, and how to use them to create a mannerly, focused, happy horse. When you hear the word “respect”, think stimulus control instead.

LessonWwylmsmallcopyLesson 5:  The “Why would you leave me?” game

Price: €23.00

The “Why would you leave me?” game will show you how to have your horse do excellent lateral work at liberty.

Lesson6shapingLesson 6:  Shaping on a Point of Contact

Price: €23.00   

Teach your horse to stand in wonderful balance.  This is the first step to having your horse bring balance to all his other work.


lesson7taichiropeLesson 7:  T’ai Chi Rope Handling

Price: €28.00

The “t’ai chi” style  rope handling exercises featured in this DVD will improve your balance, help you develop a more secure riding position, and give you a better understanding of the lead rope as a communication tool.

lesson83F3Lesson 8:Three-Flip-Three, Understanding Lateral Flexions

by Alexandra Kurland

Price: €28.00

The step by step lessons presented in this dvd make it easy to teach your horse lateral work. Lateral work helps to steady your horse emotionally; it creates soft, rideable gaits; and it helps to maintain your horse’s soundness. Find out how to teach your horse lateral flexions using the Three-Flip-Three counted exercise in this two hour DVD presented by Alexandra Kurland.

lesson9 fearLesson 9:  Overcoming fear and the Power of Cues

Price €28:00

Muska is a young Icelandic horse who developed a fear of saddles after a riding accident. Follow her lesson as we use the power of cues to remove her fear of saddles.

This two hour DVD shows you how to overcome a fear issue using head lowering; highlights the importance of mechanical skills; shows you how to build duration into your head lowering behavior; teaches you how to combine advance and retreat techniques with the clicker; how to read your horse’s body language; and how to recognize and use the cues that evolve during the shaping process.


Lesson 10:  Microshaping.  Learning to see the Slightest Try

Price: €28:00

Learn how to see small details in movement and how to put those tiiny shifts in balance to work for you.   Microshaping is “Equine Pilates” – Shaping for a Sound Spine. Learn what that means in this two hour lesson presented by Alexandra Kurland.   Shaping is the backbone of clicker training. When we click the clicker to highlight a desired behavior in our horses we are shaping behavior. We are selectively reinforcing that behavior making it more likely that the horse will repeat it in the future.
Lesson11saddleLesson 11:  Capture the saddle.  The Mounting Block Lesson
Price:  €28:00
This lesson  teaches great mounting block manners, plus it sets the stage for single-rein riding.  The DVD is divided into two parts. The first half focuses on the mounting block lesson. Once the rider is up, a very basic single-rein riding exercise is taught. You’ll see the beginning steps that teach you how to ride on a triangle of the reins.
lesson12Lesson 12:  Riding on a Triangle
Price:  €28:00
Riding on a triangle is really the part two of the Capture the Saddle DVD. It will make much more sense if you   watch the Capture the Saddle DVD before moving on to this lesson.

In this lesson you will learn how to:  Use cues as problem solving tools; Get a stuck horse to move;  Develop the beginnings of lateral work and create a great riding relationship with your horse.

Mridefrontcoversmall72dpicopyLesson 15 : Microriding:  Creating thinking riders for thinking horses

Price: €33.00

In the Microshaping lesson, you learned how to be a better visual obseerver.  In this Microriding DVD you’ll learn how to be a better kinesthetic observer and learn how to become a grounded, connected, body aware, energised rider.

Lesson_17_Whoa_Stop_001Lesson 16: Whoa! Stop!  Finding your Horse’s Brakes

Price: €28.00

This 2 hour DVD teaches a basic safety lesson the creates reliable brakes without ever pulling back and blocking your horse’s spine.

Lesson_17_HSS_001Lesson 17: Hip-Shoulder-Shoulder:  Your Power Tool for Performance Excellence

Price: €39.00

This is a double DVD of 4 hours duration.  It is a lesson that provides the essential steps for an amazing half-halt.  Starting on the ground with in-hand work it leads to shoulder-in and haunches in in ridden work

Loopy_training_front_cover_only_copyLesson 18: Loopy Training

Price: €65.00

Clicker training happens in a loop:  cue leads to behaviour, leads to click, leads to reinforcement leads to behaviour…… This lesson shows how training can be structured in a loop.  It explains how you know when to advance in your training and how to build complex chains of behaviour.

With nearly 6 hours of content in 3 DVDs, this is like a complete seminar that can be watched from the comfort of your own home.

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