3: Head Lowering

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Head lowering can be such a transforming exercise for many horses. Most of us know that horses tend to be calmer when their heads are down. This lesson does more than just calm a horse down. It helps to put an end to barging, rearing, bullying behavior. It develops emotional control and stabilizes the good behavior we want. It is a key foundation lesson for all advanced training.” Head lowering:

   Puts an end to barging, rearing, bullying behavior.

   Develops emotional control and stabilizes good behavior

   Shifts the horse’s weight off its front end in preparation for advanced work.

We know that horses tend to be calmer when their heads are down. We know that dropping the horse’s head below the withers can have a calming effect, but this lesson takes you much further. Based on John Lyon’s ‘Demand Cue to Calm Down’, you’ll learn how to reverse the horse’s natural tendency to pull against pressure.This lesson teaches your horse patience. It shows you how to build duration with the clicker. If you’ve experimented with clicker training, you’ve probably discovered how eager horses become to show off behaviors they’ve learned. That can be great fun at first, but it may not feel very stable. Your horse may feel like an equine yo yo, offering the same bits of behavior over and over again to earn reinforcement.

This tape shows you how to combine the clicker with pressure and release of pressure to build duration into the head-lowering behavior. In the process your horse will be learning patience. He’ll learn that if he wants to earn reinforcement, he has to control his fidgety, fussy, push-into-you, run-for-the-next-county desires. Instead he has to stand quietly waiting for you to click.


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