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This is Alexandra Kurland’s website.  Alex was a pioneer in bringing clicker training to the horses world and the first person to produce a book on clicker training for horses in 1999. Since then she has produced a comprehensive collection of books and DVDs in her ‘Click-that-Teaches’ series.  Her site is an excellent source of information and articles.


Amanda Martin is an Approved ‘Click-that-Teaches’ instructor based in Scotland.  Amanda works with horses with behavioural issues, stallions and performance or leisure horses usually in their own home all over the UK.  She is also a scientist who has an in-depth knowledge of the science of positive reinforcement training, as well as an entrepreneur who has developed a range of clicker training accessories

Equine Clicker Training

Katie has been using clicker training with her horses for many years now and her site has some excellent information on the science behind clicker training.  She has an introduction to clicker training and FAQs and she also writes very comprehensive articles.

Clickertraining Pferde

Dein deutschsprachiger Zugang zu Alexandra Kurlands Klickertraining.  Fur immer die Art und Weise anderd Pferde zu trainieren.      Michaela has translated the content of Alexandra Kurlands site into German to provide an essential resource for german speakers.  It is currently in the start-up state and will grow over the next while.


Miriam Barattoni is a The-Click-That-Teaches coach in Italy.  She is working to bring clicker training to the Italian Equestrain community.


Jen Digate has a blog on which she shares many interesting clicker training articles and videos….lots of useful information.


 Deelside Saddlery

Jill and Trish Moran run an excellent tack shop together with a rug and saddlery repair service in Askeaton, Co Limerick.

Forever Living Kerry

Mary Nurphy of Fenit sells these wonderful products, some which I’ve used and found to be excellent for healing wounds and injuries for human and horse!