Agility/Boldness Training

Scary Corner

Boldness Training sessions are ongoing at Oakfield Farm, Dorset, BH31 6JJ.  These are single days and/or weekend events to encourage your horse to be bolder.

Obstacles similar to those used in Horse Agility and TREC events will benefit your horse in the everyday world, opening gates, ducking under branches, crossing water. etc.  They have the added benefit of making your horse braver as they overcome any worries or anxieties they may have about these weird and wonderful things that are in the environment.

We also encourage participants and their horses to join in with our “Have-a-go” competitions.  While they are competitive, they are carried out in a friendly and supportive environment that help you and your horse to improve their skills.

In addition, we run a monthly online competition in conjunction the Tölt.Club where competitors use easily accessible materials (and their imaginations) to make the obstacles set out in the course.  Again, this is designed to be supportive and also focuses on good handling or riding.

Have a look here at some of our training and competitor videos here.