It Just Clicks!

It Just Clicks!   Positive Reinforcement in Horses is a scientific study, carried out by Aoife Stephens  that includes comparisons between the effectiveness of positive and negative reinforcement strategies for horses. Click on the link to read her final Project Report  which earned her the position of first in the behavioural science category of the BT Young  Scientist 2011.

Aoife also presented her work at the online Equine Clicker Conference 2013.  The first part of her study was investigating the affect and effectiveness of Positive and Negative Reinforcement.

She also looked at B.F. Skinner’s famous experiment with a pigeon in which he demonstrated ‘insight’.  Aoife set out to see if she could repeat his work with her own pony.  Did she succeed??

Together with Mary Concannon, this work was also presented in a paper at the International Society for Equitation Science Conference in Edinburgh 2012.

And just for fun  Aoife made this video to show some of the things that she and her wonderful pony Prince have been up to.