Online Coaching

We are now offering online coaching which takes the following format:

The student/trainer prepares a 5-10 minute video showing the work they are doing with their horse. This video is then uploaded to (or similar site) as a private video and the link sent to together with any queries the student has.  For an initial session, it is helpful to get information on both the horse and handler/rider, such as:

  • Age, relevant history and experience of the horse
  • Length of time doing clicker training if any
  • Experience of the handler/rider
  • The handlers level of knowledge of positive reinforcement/clicker training
  • Any specific issue or area in the training that you wish to focus on.
  • Anything else you feel might be relevant.

The video will be reviewed and an email sent to the student outlining  points for discussion. There will then be a 25-30min WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/FaceTime conversation to discuss the video and agree follow up work.

Coaching Session:  £45