The Click That Teaches: Riding with the Clicker

“The Click That Teaches: Riding with the Clicker”

Price: €49

is a comprehensive training guide will take you from clicker basics to advanced performance. The book is divided into Six Sections:


Part 1 Clicker Basics: This section introduces you to the scientific principles behind clicker training. It shows you how to develop polite ground manners and emotional self-control in your horse.

Part 2 Before You Ride: This section shows you how to start a young horse under saddle. This is more than a nuts and bolts section. You’ll see how training works in the real world – how training problems emerge and clicker training solutions are found. Training a horse is not a matter of following “cook book” recipes. The best trainers are creative and responsive to the needs of each individual horse. You’ll learn how to use clicker training to prepare a youngster for riding – how to teach him the emotional self-control and physical balance he’ll need to be a great riding horse.

Part 3 Riding with the Clicker: Riding with the clicker is very much like taking apart a jig saw puzzle and then putting it back together again. You’re taking apart your horse’s training piece by piece. Only instead of reassembling the original picture, you’ll be building it back better and stronger than it was before.

Safety, safety, safety – Safety always comes first. This section introduces you to the mechanics of single rein riding. It gives you two powerful exercises – head lowering and flipping the hips – to stop bolting, bucking, spooking and rearing – in other words, to stop all the major behavior problems that take the fun out of riding.

Part 4 Training Exercises for the Rider: Riding Excellence is built on a foundation of body awareness. These simple exercises allow you to become a “Centaur”, exploring your horse’s balance through the “t’ai chi walk”.

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