9. Overcoming Fear and the Power of Cues

Muska was owned by Nick Foot of Oakfield Farm. Muska’s previous owners had started her under saddle. When she had about a month’s worth of rides behind her, they put their granddaughter up on her. That would have been fine, except nobody remembered to check the girth. You know the rest of the story. The saddle slid under Muska’s belly. The granddaughter fell off. And Muska was in a panic. And the end result was Moska became terrified of saddles.

Nick bought her knowing she had this problem because, as you’ll see on the DVD, she’s a very sweet horse and it seemed a shame that something like this would be the undoing of what was otherwise a very lovely mare.

This DVD shows you how to overcome a fear issue using head lowering; highlights the importance of mechanical skills; shows you how to build duration into your head lowering behaviour; teaches you how to combine advance and retreat techniques with the clicker; how to read your horse’s body language; and how to recognise and use the cues that evolve during the shaping process.