Obstacle Training Videos

Obstacle training is a great way engage with your horse.  You can have your horse on the ground with a lead rope, at liberty, on long reins or ridden.  The choice is yours!  Having said that, we almost always start with our horses in-hand and go through a teaching process to help them learn how to tackle each obstacle.

It helps your horse to gain confidence and become bolder and braver.  It is especially useful to teach young horses about the world in a safe environment.  On the other hand, if you have an older horse who can no longer be ridden, they can enjoy the challenges presented either in-hand or at liberty.

Whatever approach you take, two things are pretty certain:

  1. You will enhance our relationship with your horse
  2. You will both have fun!

In conjunction with Tölt Club, we run a monthly obstacle course competition, aimed at beginners with a view to getting them out and ‘at it’ with their horses!

Some video footage from either training session or competition entries: